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Viga Delay Spray | Viga Delay Spray Price in Pakistan
Viga Delay Spray PKR 2000/-
Viga is the principal brand name of the German manufacturer. The company sells a wide range of products under the brand worldwide, including viga sprays. viga 240000 price in pakistan
Super Viga Sprays have been specially formulated to allow men with premature 
ejaculation have longer sexual intercourse, without any side effect. Super Viga 
Sprays has excellent delay timing. imported delay spray in pakistan These sprays are for external use only. There 
are 9 different Super Viga Spray Models Available.  All of them have different presents to you the best cost for VIGA 150K Maximum Long Duration 45 ml with express dispatching all over Pakistan.
• Viga 150000 is a surface sedative utilized for drawing out erection and postponing climax
• Application: Spray a light sum 2 to 3 squirts on the leader of the roughly 5 minutes before intercourse viga 150000 spray price in pakistan
• Recommended for use with a condom (wear the condom in the wake of utilizing the shower
• Contains 10 g Lidocainand Vitamin E
• This item is certifiably not a preventative
Made in German 

Benefits of Viga Delay Spray 
Viga Delay Spray in Pakistan contains great fixings that decrease the affect ability of male's sex organ. Some of its benefits for men of any age are following
• It gives you long sex timings And stamina
• Enhanced erection sex drive and perseverance
• Increases the discharge more than to 30 minutes
• Satisfied sexual movement certainly
• Zero reactions
Manufacturing formula & Different delay timing.
Super Viga 50000, Super Viga 60000, Super Viga 84000, Super Viga 100000, Super 
Viga 150000, Super Viga 180000, Super Viga 200000, Super Viga 240000, Super Viga 
300000 & Super Viga 400000. viga delay spray price in pakistan
Super Viga Sprays are recommended to all men who has difficulty in achieving the 

Full sexual satisfaction because of premature ejaculation.
1- Delay Spray offers u an extended lasting sexual timing and stamina.
2- stronger intercourse pressure, erection and persistence.
3- splendid treatment for premature ejaculation in men.
4- happy sex with complete confidence.
5- confidence to meet your partner as long as she wants to.
6- capacity to reach her on more than one orgasms.
7- Lasts upto more than three hours.
8- zero aspect consequences.
9- now not needed a prescription or scientific consultancy.
Viga Delay Spray Advantages & Side Effects:
Instructions to Use Viga Delay Spray 

Shower a light sum (2 to 3 squirts) on the leader of the penis roughly 5 minutes before intercourse Recommended for use with a condom delay spray in rawalpindi (wear the condom subsequent to utilizing the splash Contains 45 ml Lidocain and Vitamin E This item is certifiably not a preventative. viga spray 150000

• To get the full advantage with Viga Delay Spray in Pakistan you should
• Shake well Viga Delay Spray before use
• Use Viga Delay Spray in any event 15 minutes before the sexual action
• Apply 2 to 3 short splashes on penis top focus and underneath part of penis
• Viga Delay Spray is just for outside use